“We’re Being Charged With Conspiracy To Bribe a Policeman”

Former Indianapolis Star investigative reporter and columnist Dick Cady has authored a 392-page memoir/history covering four decades with “The Story Behind the Stories at the Pulliam Press.” (September, $19.95). Deadline: Indianapolis details how reporters Cady and Bill Anderson,  working with reporter Harley Bierce and photographer Jerry Clark, were indicted by a grand jury and arrested during a lengthy Pulitzer Prize winning investigation of police corruption in the 1970s. Also a former reporter at the Detroit News and Newsday and the winner of more than 50 local, state and national awards, including the Associated Press Freedom of Information award and two Sigma Delta Chi prizes, Cady gives behind-the-scenes details on the 1967 Detroit riots, the Star’s controversial coverage of the Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign in Indiana, the formation of the national journalism organization Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), and the Arizona Project, a multi-reporter investigation of corruption, organized crime and land fraud after the assassination of Arizona reporter Don Bolles. Contact: Riverview Books LLC, P.O. Box 30208, Indianapolis IN 46230. Deadline: Indianapolis also is available through Amazon.com in an e-book version.

One thought on ““We’re Being Charged With Conspiracy To Bribe a Policeman”

  1. Richard Swan

    I discovered your book at the Indy Library Store and could not put it down – an electrifying account. I went to Amazon to buy copies for friends and family and the ONLY copy is listed as such:
    from $7,777.02
    1 Used from $7,777.02
    1 New from $7,777.02

    Time for a 2nd edition?


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