‘House of Himself’ Offers Powerful Story of 1960s

In the Indianapolis of the 1960s, the son of a legendary newspaperman is stalked by predatory orderlies in a medieval mental institution, battles drug addiction, romances two beautiful women, and befriends a troubled young man whose fate is linked in a surprising way to a diamond ring once owned by a long-dead racketeer.

This is the story in the novel The House of Himself by Dick Cady, now in limited release from Riverview Books. Forrest Bowman, author of A Patriot’s Peril, calls the book a “masterpiece.” James Alexander Thom, author of Follow the River and other books, calls it powerful and moving. The House of Himself, at 445 pages, retails for $19.95.

More details will be released later. Cady is the author of The Executioner’s Mask, Scavengers and other books.

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