Some quotes from author Dick Cady on Scavengers: A True Story of Money, Madness and Murder (as quoted in the Indianapolis Star Jan. 12, 2012):
On the criminals: “Idiocy was the hallmark of these people. And the one person who made the dumbest move was the smartest of the bunch: Herbert D. Biddle Jr., the banker whose embezzling caused Marjorie Jackson to withdraw $8 million in cash. Biddle left his footprints more than the uneducated criminals who stole money from Marjorie’s home. He really started the whole thing when he started embezzling her money. It led to her taking millions out of the bank and putting the money in grocery bags she left around the house.”
On the victim: “What was unique about her was that she was a mentally ill person, but she was also very smart. For a long time, she used her money to protect herself. She knew how to argue with attorneys and judges who tried to freeze her account to keep her from making such large cash withdrawals.”
What makes this story different: “The story should come across as a tragedy, but it doesn’t. I think the Marjorie Jackson story has captivated so many people’s imaginations over the years because they like to imagine what it would like to get their hands on a huge swatch of money like that. It’s like winning the lottery. They dream of one day having that much money. They think all of their problems will go away. But they don’t.”

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