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Former Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and editor at the Indianapolis Star, Detroit News, and Newsday, and author of two novels.

Paper Editions of “Scavengers” Sold Out

All new copies of Scavengers: A True Story of Money, Madness and Murder have been sold and no new printing is scheduled at this time. Thanks to all the people who bought the book and the positive comments about the incredible story and the writing style. Some used copies are available on different Web sites, and the e-book version continues to be available on

Used (But Not New) Paper Books On Amazon

To obtain new paper copies of Dick Cady’s Scavengers and The House of Himself, please contact Riverview Books through this Web site. They are no longer available through However, used copies of the books can be obtained through Amazon, and the Kindle versions will continue to be listed on Amazon.

New Low Price on ‘House of Himself’

Starting immediately, Riverview Books has reduced the retail price for the 445-page novel The House of Himself from $19.95 to $9.95, but limited copies are available. Currently the book can be purchased through It’s the story of how an Indianapolis newspaper family is changed by drug abuse, civil unrest and the Vietnam War during the 1960s. The House of Himself also is available as an e-book. Author Dick Cady recently discussed his novel in a seminar at Mickey’s Camp at Indiana University’s Bradford Woods and will sell copies in October at the Indianapolis Public Library’s annual author fair.

‘House of Himself’ Offers Powerful Story of 1960s

In the Indianapolis of the 1960s, the son of a legendary newspaperman is stalked by predatory orderlies in a medieval mental institution, battles drug addiction, romances two beautiful women, and befriends a troubled young man whose fate is linked in a surprising way to a diamond ring once owned by a long-dead racketeer.

This is the story in the novel The House of Himself by Dick Cady, now in limited release from Riverview Books. Forrest Bowman, author of A Patriot’s Peril, calls the book a “masterpiece.” James Alexander Thom, author of Follow the River and other books, calls it powerful and moving. The House of Himself, at 445 pages, retails for $19.95.

More details will be released later. Cady is the author of The Executioner’s Mask, Scavengers and other books.


Some quotes from author Dick Cady on Scavengers: A True Story of Money, Madness and Murder (as quoted in the Indianapolis Star Jan. 12, 2012):
On the criminals: “Idiocy was the hallmark of these people. And the one person who made the dumbest move was the smartest of the bunch: Herbert D. Biddle Jr., the banker whose embezzling caused Marjorie Jackson to withdraw $8 million in cash. Biddle left his footprints more than the uneducated criminals who stole money from Marjorie’s home. He really started the whole thing when he started embezzling her money. It led to her taking millions out of the bank and putting the money in grocery bags she left around the house.”
On the victim: “What was unique about her was that she was a mentally ill person, but she was also very smart. For a long time, she used her money to protect herself. She knew how to argue with attorneys and judges who tried to freeze her account to keep her from making such large cash withdrawals.”
What makes this story different: “The story should come across as a tragedy, but it doesn’t. I think the Marjorie Jackson story has captivated so many people’s imaginations over the years because they like to imagine what it would like to get their hands on a huge swatch of money like that. It’s like winning the lottery. They dream of one day having that much money. They think all of their problems will go away. But they don’t.”

Murder, Money and Madness

Riverview Books has released Scavengers: A True Story of Money, Madness and Murder, (235 pages, illustrated; $19.95), an account of one of the most bizarre crimes in American history. When a band of predators came to believe eccentric widow Marjorie Jackson was a modern-day witch, it became the seed for the theft of $3,800,000, and the predators overlooked another $5,000,000. Did the Jackson family grocery-chain carry a curse? Over four decades the money contributed to the mental illness of the heir and his wife, lured at least 24 people into crime, brought about two murders, and led two men to the electric chair. Carefully researched and written by author Dick Cady, Scavengers underscores Joseph Conrad’s statement, “The belief in a supernatural source of evil is unnecessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.”

“We’re Being Charged With Conspiracy To Bribe a Policeman”

Former Indianapolis Star investigative reporter and columnist Dick Cady has authored a 392-page memoir/history covering four decades with “The Story Behind the Stories at the Pulliam Press.” (September, $19.95). Deadline: Indianapolis details how reporters Cady and Bill Anderson,  working with reporter Harley Bierce and photographer Jerry Clark, were indicted by a grand jury and arrested during a lengthy Pulitzer Prize winning investigation of police corruption in the 1970s. Also a former reporter at the Detroit News and Newsday and the winner of more than 50 local, state and national awards, including the Associated Press Freedom of Information award and two Sigma Delta Chi prizes, Cady gives behind-the-scenes details on the 1967 Detroit riots, the Star’s controversial coverage of the Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign in Indiana, the formation of the national journalism organization Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), and the Arizona Project, a multi-reporter investigation of corruption, organized crime and land fraud after the assassination of Arizona reporter Don Bolles. Contact: Riverview Books LLC, P.O. Box 30208, Indianapolis IN 46230. Deadline: Indianapolis also is available through in an e-book version.