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  1. Glenn Callaway

    I recently found out about this book and would like to have a copy. Harold Young, the lead investigator was my uncle. I would like to get a copy for his two sons and his daughter who live in Indianapolis, as well as a copy for myself. Uncle Harold died in 2011, and probably did not know about the book. He handled several major criminal cases during his career and received letters from Robert Kennedy (as Attorney General) and J. Edgar Hoover, thanking him for his help in handling federal cases. He was promoted to Major with the sheriff’s department during his last year in office, but when he lost the race he retired. There were plans to make a movie about the Jackson case and one of the major studios (I believe it was Warner Bros.) rented a building in Greenwood to start collecting the information and contacted Uncle Harold for his input. Before being completed, a larger robbery took place, interest waned and eventually it was dropped. He was my hero and I was thrilled when I found that a book had been written about his part in the Jackson murder case. If you know of any way I could get copies of this book, (four if possible) I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your consideration. Glenn Callaway 744 W. Main Street Madison, IN 47250 812-273-4912

  2. Glenn Callaway

    Thanks for your reply. If the limited edition is printed, is there a possibility that you send me an email to let me know when it is available? If so, I would appreciate it and would definitely like to get at least one copy, or more depending on the price.



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